Product details

SoluJET 2701W

Solvent ink for non-porous media
Substrate: Plastics, foil

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White pigment solvent ink: Fast drying time, excellent sharpness, fade resistance and heat resistance on semi-porous and non-porous substrates.

Ink type

White pigment solvent ink

Print cartridge type

HP 45si


Up to 600 dpi, recommended 300 x 300 dpi

Nozzle count


Print swath

12.7 mm

Firing voltage

9.0 V

Fire pulse width

1.8 µs

Pulse warming


Decap time

5 min

Drying time

3 – 4 sec at 300 x 300 dpi

Throw distance

Up to 5 mm, recommended 3 mm

Average delivered ink

34 mL (vertical)

Average drop volume

33 pL

Operating conditions

15°C to 35°C, 35% to 80% RH

Shipping / storage temperature

5°C to 30°C

Shelf life

2 months from filling date

Technical Data Sheet

SoluJET® 2701W white pigment solvent TIJ 2.5 ink is specially designed for high contrast and opaque coding and marking on various dark and clear substrates such as glass, metal and flexible packaging films.
SoluJET® 2701W ink provides fast drying time, good adhesion and rub resistance, and excellent sharpness,
fade resistance and heat resistance.