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B1040H Thermal Inkjet Coder

The most compact, reliable and robust Thermal Inkjet Coder for packaging printing on the market.

B1040H Thermal Inkjet Coder resolution Support up to 300 x 300 dpi

Battery life: Up to 5 hours
Battery: 2 x rechargeable battery packs each with 1500mAh cells
Printing Languages: All language (via Smartphone)
Font: Window True Fonts

Interface Languages

English (default), Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean and Vietnamese


Windows true fonts (with PC)

Message lines

With predictable data: up to 6 lines from 1 – 12.7mm

Printing Objects

Alphanumeric, Logos, Date/Time, Expiry date, Julian date, Shift Code, Counter/Box Lot, and Barcode


Max 300x300dpi

Print speed

Max 76m/min @ 300x300dpi

Optical density

Up to 5 levels of optical density

Printing Languages

All language (via Smartphone)

Print direction

Left to right, Right to left, Left to right mirror, Right to left mirror

Ink Solution

Aqueous ink for porous, semi-porous media and foods HydraJET® 2020K, HydraJET® 2020B,HydraJET® 2016K,HydraJET® 2022R
Solvent ink for semi and non-porous media SoluJET ®2701K, SoluJET ®2706K, SoluJET ®2704B
Invisible UV Flourescent ink SecuJET®2550R, SecuJET®2550B

Support various colors of ink: Black, Red, Green, Blue


[RYNAN] B1040H Thermal Inkjet Coder – Small and compact