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The aquaculture industry has been contributing to the global demand for protein sources and is continuously growing as wild caught seafood populations have been in a steep decline over the past few decades.
Disease is one of the many major challenges in aquaculture, as high stocking densities contribute to poor water quality conditions and high risk of disease outbreaks. The improper use of chemicals and medication to control disease outbreaks causes detrimental effects on the environment.
To mitigate poor farming practices, consistent efforts for new technologies and management practices are needed to pave the way for sustainable cultivation.

Sustainable Solutions

Real-time Monitoring
Optimize control and accuracy in aquaculture practices for higher yield and quality.
Sustainable Technology
Using advanced technology to enhance practices and improve efficiency.
Data-Driven Intelligence
Make informed decisions based on quantitative data to maximize productivity and profits.
We help aquaculture businesses and communities improve management practices and sustain efficiency through advanced technology that are cost effective and easily accessible.

Integrated Aquaculture Network

An integrated IoT aquaculture management system that measures real-time water quality parameters and help farmers manage early detection of disease outbreaks through Artificial Intelligence (AI) image capturing, collection and analysis of field data with machine learning. The information can be accessed through a mobile app and management software that farmers can access remotely.

Aquaculture Mobile App & Software Management Tool

Users can monitor relevant real-time aquaculture data and make informed decisions for their businesses remotely.
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